Army Times Names Gerber Remix Tactical ‘Best New Gear’

Among the myriad media members at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow this past month lay a secretive man, the Army and Military Times Gear Scout. At a show where louder is better – and bigger all the rage, the Gear Scout bides his time, assessing but not immediately reacting. Observing, but slow to venture forth.

Then he drops by the booth and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. The Gear Scout – aka Rob C. has seen many miles and tested more product than most will ever lay eyes on, but he remains down to earth, approachable and really just as big a gear geek as many of us are.

All of which makes the inclusion of our 2012 Remix Tactical knife in the Army Times recurring 'Off Duty' section that much more special. The 'Best New Gear' article includes hot products from throughout the show – and we'd like to thank the Gear Scout for scoping us out.  If we can ever find him…

l. ArmyTimes_August292011_Cover   Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 5.46.09 PM