Location: Rockport, TX
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Fly Fishing has been the center of JT Van Zandt’s life since 1991 where he worked at the legendary fly shop Austin Angler. Passion, knowledge, determination and patience are natural parts of his character and those same traits also make JT one of the top fly fishing guides in South Texas. On top of his guiding expertise, he also builds wooden boats and skiffs by hand.

In the words of JT himself: “When it was time to decide what I was supposed to be in this life, no clear answers presented themselves. I knew that whatever profession I chose would require 100% devotion. Any meaningful pursuit requires a life’s work. The importance of that decision and the vastness of possibilities overwhelmed me, so I often went fishing to contemplate my ambitions. Ultimately the time that I spent outside became my life’s work. Fishing and hunting to me are the most gratifying experiences to be had, and among the greatest privileges on earth. The sense of freedom I feel while pursuing game on land or at sea is unmatched and the friendships I’ve made in those pursuits are priceless. Life as an outdoorsman requires self reliance and offers the confidence to survive on your own. The constant mental and physical challenges Mother Nature presents keeps the body and mind sharp. I cherish each workday on my boat with my clients. Every sunrise offers the opportunity to study wildlife and the chance to gain a greater understanding of nature.”

  • Hosted YETI’s “Drifting” Podcast, where he explores life and the wild with iconic guests.
  • Appeared on Netflix series “Meateater” Season 9 Episode 1
  • Proud ambassador of YETI, Howler Bros, Costa, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, and more.