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Alaska to Argentina

Equipped with four Kawasaki KLRs and the Gerber Black Boar, the team will depart Deadhorse, Alaska in November and head South down to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It’s up to them to tackle every problem that comes at them and survive the journey

Journey Obstacles

To pass through the Darien Gap during the dry season, the team will need to depart Alaska in the dead of winter. On the journey, they will face icy roads, hypothermia, and frostbite followed by tropical disease, dense jungle, and crime.

You cannot drive from Panama to Columbia. If you were to try, the Darien Gap would stand in your way. A daunting 100 mile stretch of jungle spans the gap between the two locations. It is the missing link in the Pan-American Highway with no roads and no bridges.

Latest Updates from the Journey

  • Day One: Crossing Atigun Pass

    Their mission is daunting – to travel from Deadhorse, Alaska to Argentina on motorcycles while braving the infamous Darien Gap in the process. Jake from Where The Road Ends shares the challenges the team faces as they start their expedition. Check out the video to experience the wind and snow of Alaska.

  • Meet and Greet in Portland

    As the Where the Road Ends crew made it’s way through the Pacific Northwest, they stopped by the Corner Saloon to meet with Gerber and the community. The crew shared some stories around a pint, showed off the alterations they have made to the bikes and Boar, and enjoyed time off the road.  

  • Deluxe Camping Conditions

    Any road trip can bring unpredictable camping locations, and this trip is no exception. Where the Road Ends crew ended their night in an abandon building on the side of the road. These deluxe accommodations offer protection from the elements, separate cooking area, and ample room for the group to spread out. Check out Simon’s… Read more »

  • Medical Prep for the Darien Gap

    The Darien Gap is full of deadly obstacles: sweltering heat, untamed jungle, and disease to name a few. The crew has to prepare for all of them and pack accordingly. Simon, the team medic, breaks down what he’s bringing into the Gap to keep the team alive if disaster strikes.

  • Dangers of the Darien Gap

    It’s difficult to imagine that an expedition stretching from the subzero tundra of the Arctic Circle to the sweltering deserts of South America, spanning some 19 thousand miles across 14 countries, could have a “dangerous part.” But for the Pan-American Highway, the Darién Gap is exactly that. A lawless expanse of swampy jungle occupying the… Read more »

  • Sleeping in the Jungle

    Nothing in the jungle comes easy, the least of which is a good night’s sleep. Day two of trying to cross the Darien Gap by motorcycle and the team is already tired. Stifling heat, high humidity, and exotic plants and animals make it difficult to find a comfortable place to rest for the night. Wayne breaks down… Read more »

  • Expedition Complete

    On April 1, 2018, three army vets on exhausted Kawasaki KLRs—and one incredibly grimy support van—rolled into Ushuaia Argentina, marking the end of the 18,571-mile journey from Dead Horse Alaska over 178 days. (The group started with four bikes, but we’ll get to that.) With the trip complete, we asked team rider Wayne Mitchell and… Read more »