Gerber Taps Mutt Industries for Advertising and Creative Design

The marketing team at Gerber is pleased to announce some special news.  

Gerber has entered into a new strategic partnership with one of the nation's most forward thinking advertising firms, Mutt Industries.  Effective immediately, Portland-based Mutt Industries will begin working with the marketing team on developing creative material that captures the spirit, life and passion of our iconic brand. 

Mutt Industries boasts a team of award winning, industry veterans with a diverse skill set and proven track record. The agency’s portfolio of experience includes brand development for companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Target, HP, Heineken and Discovery, among others, and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Gerber has a unique history, a great story to tell and an incredibly loyal following and we're confident that this new partnership will allow us to remain true to our core, while helping the brand reach new heights. Stay tuned for more to come.