Petersen’s Hunting Takes Aim at Gerber for 2012 Gear Annual

Petersen's Hunting, a definitive resource for the hard core hunter, recently released its 2012 Gear Guide – a book that features not one, but two Gerber products.

First, the Freeman Stag S30 graces the knife preview getting props for its nimble hand feel, well placed gut hook and for being "just the right size to feel substantial without being too much".

Following quickly, the Gator Combo Axe is included in the Guide's hatchet review scoring points for its innovative design, while the Gerber brand is applauded for its timely customer service. 

PetersensHunting_2012AnnualGearIssue_Cover PetersensHunting_2012AnnualGearIssue_FreemanStagS30 PetersensHunting_2012AnnualGearIssue_GatorAxe