10 Best Gifts For The Camping Lover In Your Life  

Are you hunting for the perfect gift for the camper in your life? It may seem straightforward at first, but finding the best gifts for campers can be challenging. Gift-giving isn’t always so cut and dry. The challenge lies in identifying items that align with their outdoor hobbies and desired camping experience. Of course, you’ll want to get them something they want or like, but you also want to find something special they’ll use every time they go camping.   

If you don’t know what they like or what they need, the list of gift ideas for campers can get overwhelming quickly. But don’t worry, there are quite a few folks at Gerber who know a thing or two about camping. So, we put together a list of gifts for camping lovers. Here, you’ll find 10 of the best camping gifts Gerber has to offer.  

Before diving deep into the list, find out what kind of camping this person likes. Do they want to backpack and hike in? Do they like to RV camp or car camp at a campsite? Are they rugged overlanders or hardcore survivalists? They may even want to do all of those things! Even if you are still determining what kind of camping they enjoy, the gear on this list is bound to be a hit.   


There isn’t a camper on earth that wouldn’t benefit from a trusty pocket knife. The Scout is a lightweight folding knife you can clip into your pocket. It weighs 3.7 ounces, so it won’t bog you down or get in the way. The handle is made from textured micarta, known for its incredible grip, even in wet conditions, and has a blade coated in PVD, adding extra protection against corrosion.   

This knife is an excellent gift for any camper. It’s lightweight, so it can be carried on backpacking trips, and reliable for car camping and backcountry trips.   

2) Fire Starter  

There’s nothing quite like a night out camping with a nice fire to keep you warm and cook your dinner. The Gerber Fire Starter consists of a ferro rod, striker, and a compartment to store dry tinder. It’s a little more intensive than matches or a lighter, but much more reliable.   

The Fire Starter is an excellent gift for any camper, but especially someone who likes going out on bushcraft or backpacking trips where every piece of gear matters.  

3)Armbar Scout  

A solid multi-tool is worth its weight in gold when you’re outdoors. The Armbar Scout is a highly versatile piece of gear with the power of seven tools in one. It has a plain edge, blade, hammer, spring-loaded scissors, bottle opener, can opener, saw, and pry bar–all weighing in at just 3.1 ounces.   

Backpackers and car campers alike will love a good multi-tool like the Armbar Scout.   

4)Gerber Ultimate  

The Gerber Ultimate has its name for a reason: it’s the ultimate outdoor survival knife. Equipped with features like a hammer pommel, a partially serrated edge, an emergency whistle, a sharpening stone, a fire striker, and a striking edge, this knife is ready for whatever mother nature throws at it.   

Given how sturdy and rugged this knife is, it is a good gift for car campers as well as someone into bushcraft or more primitive-style camping.   


This lightweight, foldable shovel is a great addition for any camper but would be a big hit for someone who heads out into the backcountry. Whether they’re building a camp, a fire pit, or need to dig a cathole, this is a must-have on a backpacking trip. It features a glass-filled nylon handle and fold the spade into the hoe position for hard ground. Plus, it folds down and fits into a nylon bag for easy packing.  

6)Pack Hatchet  

A hatchet is an extremely useful camp tool. It cuts firewood, can be used to hammer down tent stakes, and can even be used to help make shelters. The Pack Hatchet was designed with all of that in mind, featuring an ergonomic grip with finger grooves that allow for precise cuts. The versatility of this hatchet makes it a great gift, no matter what camping style.  

7)Freescape Camp Saw  

The Freescape Camp Saw is portable, safe, and highly functional. It has a 12-inch saw blade that folds flat so you can pack it away or keep it stored in a camp container or truck. It’s useful for clearing brush, building shelter, or making firewood for camp.   

This would be a great gift for any overlander, backcountry camper, or car camper. 

8)ComplEAT Multi-Fork  

Hey, a camper’s gotta eat, right? The ComplEAT Multi-Fork is more than a camp spork. It’s a multi-tool with nine functions. It has a can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, flathead driver, and a kickstand to keep the spoon end off the ground. Made from aluminum, this is a camper’s dream utensil. 


The Stakeout is the ultimate camping multi-tool. Built with 11 tools that fold into one, it allows you to carry more and free up space in your pack for other camp essentials. The Stakeout’s design is camp-focused, featuring a tent stake puller, Ferro rod striker, knife blade, and more.  

This is a great gift for any camper, so if you are still determining what kind of camping they’re into, this is a safe gift you know they’ll get great use out of.   

10)Bushcraft Axe 

While we already mentioned the Pack Hatchet above, the Bushcraft Axe is another great gift for a camper. Since it’s an axe, it has a longer handle, which means you can get more power and control as you split wood. The Bushcraft has some great hidden features, like water-resistant gear storage compartments that can house paracord or fire-starting material. 

This axe is too large for a backpacker, but any car camper or overlander would love to have it in their gear box.  

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