American Valor: A Salute to Our Heros

The American Veterans Center’s annual holiday television special, American Valor: A Salute to Our Heroes, will return to television on Veterans Day, 2017. Hosted by Gerber Badassador Bear Grylls, the event pays tribute to service men and women from World War II to the present day – a sentiment that echoes Gerber’s commitment to the veteran community.

“I am so proud to take part in this special program honoring American military heroes of yesterday and today,” said Bear Grylls, host of the show. “As a veteran of the British Special Forces, I know the strength and courage required of these men and women, who have risked their lives protecting their country and allies. The United States military has stood by the United Kingdom through some of the darkest times in world history, and together our men and women have worked side by side, and sacrificed so much to secure peace around the globe.” 

American Valor will spotlight and honor stories of heroism from the last 75 years. “It is truly an honor to call attention to these incredible men and women from our military’s past and present,” said Tim Holbert, Executive Director of the American Veterans Center and Producer of American Valor.  “They are an example of the very best of who we are as Americans, and a reminder that in the end we’re all on the same team.”

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