Camp Kitchen Checklist: What Cooking Gear to Use For Camping  

As summer gets closer, so does camping season. Now’s the perfect time to make sure all your gear is in check and ready for a time off outdoors. As you go through that list, a big section will most likely be centered around camping cooking gear.   

Maybe you’re new to the outdoors and need to know what cooking gear to use for camping, or you’re simply looking for the best camping cookware; we’ve put together a big old list to make it easy for you.   

See our checklists below to plan everything from cookware to cleanup gear and more!  

Camp Cookware Essentials  

One of the best parts of camping is making a meal the whole crew can enjoy. Having the right cookware, from pots and pans to meal prep items, can make a big difference in the quality and ease of your outdoor feast.   

  • Camp Stove   
  • Camp Fuel  
  • Cooking Utensils like a spatula, tongs, or a wooden spoon  

Tableware and Utensils   

You can only eat so many foods with your hands; even then, you’re pushing it. Plates, bowls, and utensils are vital for a great meal.   

Camp Kitchen Storage   

You don’t want any loose pots, pans, or knives rattling around in the back of your car. The ComplEat Collection was designed to nest together for easy packing and storing.   

  • Storage box or container to keep everything tidy and in one spot.   

Camp Kitchen Clean Up   

Every good meal must come to an end. The right cleanup kit can keep your gear easily ready for the next meal or the trip home.   

  •  Concentrated and eco-friendly dish soap  
  • Sponge  
  • Rag   
  • Water jug for cleaning  
  • [Optional] Portable sink  

Easy Camping Meals  

Need some ideas on what to cook on your next trip? Try some camp-ready recipes we’ve put together for moments like these.   

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