After a night out camping in chilly weather and questionable sleep, the last thing you want is a labor-intensive breakfast. Fear not; the breakfast quesadilla is a delicious and simple breakfast trick you’ll employ for camping trips to come.   

You may have heard of the breakfast burrito or breakfast taco. The breakfast quesadilla employs all the same ingredients and is easier to assemble. What you want to add to it is entirely up to you. If you like potatoes, add them in. Bell peppers and onions? Go right ahead. 

In this recipe, we’ll be using bacon. Make sure to cook any meat ingredients beforehand so you can assemble it all in one fell swoop.   

Now, let’s dig in.   


1 lb. Bacon  

Canola Oil  

Eggs, about one to two per person.  

1 package of flour tortillas. Taco or Fajita sized.   

Shredded Mexican cheese   

Sour cream  

Salsa or Hot Sauce  

Cooking Steps: 

1. Heat the griddle over medium to medium-high heat. Once it’s up to temperature, cook your bacon until it’s cooked and done. Remove from the griddle and chop it up into bite-sized pieces.   

2. Heat the sauté pan over medium heat with a bit of oil. Once it’s up to temperature, crack an egg into the pan. We’ll be cooking it sunny side up.  

3. Once the white of the egg has cooked, but the yoke is still runny, give the yolk a quick stab to break it. Place a tortilla on top and let it sit for about 10 seconds. With one hand on top of the tortilla, get your spatula under the egg and flip it over so the tortilla is on the pan and the egg is on top.   

5. Add a handful of bacon or any toppings you’ve prepared and some cheese.   

6. Bring one end of the tortilla to the other, folding it in half. Cook until that side browns a bit, then flip it and cook that side until it browns or you can see the cheese melt.   

7. Serve it on a plate with some salsa, hot sauce, or sour cream. Repeat the process for every quesadilla you’d like to make. 

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