Catching Fresh Bait

As Anglers, we are constantly attempting to build a better Mouse Trap.  Each year, manufacturers around the world create new lures and fishermen conjure innovative techniques and presentations to elicit a reaction from their targeted species of choice.  However, no lure, technique color or scent will ever compete with the real thing.  Live/Fresh Bait will out produce day in and day out.  Hence, the creation of the “Sabiki” Rig.  This simple setup of small, colorful “flies” tied to a mainline with a lead dropper at the end, came in to being in the 1960’s and gained popularity in the 70’s when a Japanese company, Hayabusa, began manufacturing and promoting the setup.  Now, you would be hard pressed to find an angler worldwide, Freshwater or Salt, who has not used a “Sabiki” rig in some form or fashion!  Why?  …Because Fresh Bait, is the BEST Bait!

Check out my video below as I show you how to catch fresh bait.

Cody Herman

Cody Herman, a Pacific Northwest native, finds himself on the water more often than not. He is an accomplished fishing guide and enjoys sharing his knowledge with new anglers. His passion for the outdoors has led him around the world always on the search for the next great adventure.

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