First Chapter of American Expedition Closes

December and January arrived, and as the winter storms of the Northeast began to close in, we steered the Black Boar back to our permanent command post in Portland, Oregon. We headed home, not in defeat, but satisfied that we had accomplished what we had set out to do
on the American Expedition: along our route from Oregon to New York we had set up our Field H.Q. at over a dozen outposts across the country, we distributed knives and tools to those who were in need of reliable gear and, most importantly, we were able to collect valuable data to further our research on the whereabouts and habits of Trouble around our vast country.

And although we met our share of Trouble along the way, what impacted our team most were the stories of Trouble that other folks recounted to us each day. Each person that we met on the road had a unique run-in with Trouble that put his or her determination, courage and ingenuity to the test. We met firefighters, rodeo clowns, ship captains, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, and relief workers – everyone had a story about Trouble that changed their lives and they were eager to share the wisdom gleaned from the experience. Our research crew found that much of that wisdom was found simply in the hands, faces, and voices of these brave new friends.

Back in Portland, we sifted through data, footage and field notes, compiling our results in a video document of our first American Expedition. We’ve barely settled in and yet already we can feel the Black Boar’s nervous energy as she is ready to take on a new adventure. We’re still, however, undecided about the goal of our next mission. In order to help determine where we should head next, we’re asking for your assistance. If you have seen Trouble or have a story of your dealings with Trouble, please share your information with us here. This will help us pinpoint where our crew may head in the upcoming year.

Additionally, after the Trouble that Hurricane Sandy caused, we’d like to continue offering our support to our friends at Lava Girl Surf in Rockaway Beach, New York, and at Jetty Life in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Our sincere thanks to everyone we met on our trip. Many of you generously offered us shelter, camaraderie, and provisions. For this we are grateful. We couldn’t have completed our mission without you.

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Eric Davis

Love it guys, though I wished you would have come through Montana during your travels. There has been plenty of trouble,…if you know where to look. Other than that last week there was a Zombie Apocalypse alert broadcasted here on NBC, lol. It was the work of a hacker, but still looked as legit as the evening news does on NBC.

I was ready.

Anyhow I love you guys and what you do, would love the opportunity to share a story with you guys if you happen to drop through Missoula on your next expedition. We’ll be here.


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