The Difference Between Life And Death

My unit issued me the Gerber S30V Tanto 06 Automatic just before final deployment as a Cavalry Scout. It’s by far the best knife I’ve possessed, and I have yet to be without it since it was given to me. I expect to use it for the rest of my life. After Combat Recon, I know that the difference between life and death is good equipment. No matter how well maintained my weapons, I’ve experienced their failure, but this knife is the exception. It’s never malfunctioned despite being dropped, used in self-defense, applied in cutting heavy-duty material, and survived multiple fire-fights and an IED made of three 155mm rounds.

The knife has saved my life twice. I used it once to cut the seatbelt to escape a burning HMMWV. In another instance, when my unit began taking fire during a foot patrol and the pack I wore got stuck on a wire fence, I cut the straps that held the pack to my body with the knife.

Thank you for making an amazing product.

-Brian of Maryland

Over the last decade millions of Americans have served our country. Gerber has dedicated itself to these men and women by developing mission-essential, life saving gear for the battlefield. Today, that commitment is sustained developing new iconic tactical tools, rooted in experience, for those who continue to serve – in the military, in the community, or as ambassadors to the greater good. #StillServing



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