The Search For Trouble Is On

Gerber is searching for Trouble. We’re hunting for it high and low on a month long journey across the country. Armed to the teeth, we have packed our modest transport, the Black Boar, with the necessary provisions to find Trouble on and off the beaten path. Safe passage is not guaranteed as our exact route is still unknown. Along the way we will be meeting local heroes and unknown legends who will take us to Trouble in their neck of the woods. In between our fact finding excursions we will be setting up the Gerber Gear Field HQ at retail outposts that have been secured in advance. The team will map out the remainder of our course based off of intel gathered about the various locations of Trouble. This is where we need your help. Help us find Trouble by joining the expedition online. Share what you know about Trouble, and tell us when and where we can find it in your area. We are prepared to barter stories, Gerber gear, Gerber knives, and our very precious and scarce expedition provisions provided to us by our like-minded and generous sponsoring partners for your tales of Trouble.

The American Expedition has begun. Follow us as we follow Trouble across the country. Hello, Trouble. We are coming to find you.

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