What Is A Utility Knife Used For?  

Some people may think that a knife is just a knife. That is simply not the case. The different uses and designs for a knife vary by user, activity, and steel. That said, what is a utility knife? And what is it used for?  

A utility knife is a knife with a razor blade dedicated to manual labor needs and is used for things like cutting carpet, cords, drywall, boxes, scoring or scraping, and anything else you may need to cut on a job site. In this article, we’ll dive into some of those use cases and the advantages of the utility knives we sell here at Gerber.  

What Is a Utility Knife Used For?  

A utility knife is used in a construction, contractor, general job site, or handyman situation. Basically, it’s a knife that can be used for anything on the job. Now, you may be asking, isn’t that what my pocket knife is for? Well, yes and no. A pocket knife is a great everyday knife, but you may want to consider a utility knife for repetitive activities since you can replace the blade when it dulls rather than re-honing on the fly. 

The main advantage of a utility knife is its capacity to replace the blade as soon as the edge is dull or damaged. A pocket knife can handle some of those tasks, but once it dulls, you’d have to stop what you’re doing and sharpen your knife. A knife like the Gerber EAB allows you to change your blade and keep working. You won’t be afraid to rough up the blade on hard cuts when you know you can just replace the blade.  

Uses For a Utility Knife  

Utility knives are essential tools for drywallers. They use knives to score and mark lines on drywall before cutting through the drywall and gypsum. If you’re doing that all day long, you can see why the need for replaceable blades would be so critical.   

Warehouse and distribution center workers who handle products, boxes, and inventory need a sharp knife that is always ready to go. Opening boxes, cutting cords, plastic straps, and packaging are all a part of the job. Having a knife that’s easy to deploy makes those tasks more manageable.   


The Gerber EAB  

The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade is our standard utility knife. It’s a folding pocket utility knife that uses contractor-grade blades. All you have to do is loosen the flathead screw to remove and replace the blade when the edge gives out. It also features a clip so you can secure it in your pocket.  

Since it’s made with stainless steel, the Gerber EAB holds up against the elements. Like all our products, it’s backed by the Gerber Guarantee, our limited lifetime warranty.   

The Prybrid Utility Clip  

The Prybrid Utility Clip is not just a utility knife. It’s a utility multi-tool. It has an exchangeable blade like any other utility knife but also features eight tools that would be helpful on any job site. It has a prybar, nail puller, bottle opener, wire stripper, small and large flathead driver, and cord-cut notch. And it clips right into your pocket.    

The tool was designed with the job site in mind and centered around the most important thing: an exchangeable blade. Whether you need a new utility knife or are looking for a valuable gift for the handyman in your life, the Prybrid Utility should be on your radar.   

The Prybid X  

Much like the Prybrid Utility, the Prybrid X is a utility multi-tool. It features a pry bar, wire stripper, nail puller, small flathead driver, medium flathead driver, bottle opener, 550 cord wrap, and an exchangeable standard #11 blade. The hobby blade is exchangeable and useful for any job site, at-home task, or even out camping.   

Considering that it has all those features, the Prybrid X is worth your while if you’re an EDC enthusiast looking to add utility knives to your lineup.   

If you weren’t sure about Utility Knives, we hope you are now. Great for complex jobs that require high-volume cuts. 

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