Why Dealers Pick Gerber

Shooting Shootingcarnivore

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Shooting Industry magazine ask dealers to choose the SHOT Show winners. Here’s what they said: "Gerber Gear, once known for only its "legendary blades," now offers a wide variety of tough tools, knives, personal LED lights, hydration backpacks and its latest sensation, the Carnivore Blood Tracking Light.

"The Carnivore is an amazing tool," said Randy Schultz of Stirling Partners in Greenfiled, Ind. "The hands-free model makes it even easier to use in rugged terrain and when carrying other equipment."

Schultz has been stocking Gerber Gear for two years and looks forward to a long, profitable relationship.

"Their axes, folding saw and spade are particularly strong sellers," he said. "And I’ve never had a problem with Gerber’s dealer support, even on short lead-time needs. They respond quickly with whatever I need, when I need it."